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EuroArt Signs, LLC designs and manufactures quality signs and light-boxes for a variety of indoor and outdoor advertising venues.

All our signs are manufactured in-house, paying careful attention to detail. Our products are UL listed, ensuring their safety and durability. As a manufacturer we are confident that we can provide the best products and service to our customers  - simply because we know how every part and component is produced!

We began as HORD, Ltd. in North-Eastern Europe in 1995. In a short period of time, the company has grown into a well-known full-service advertising manufacturer.

In Europe, we offer products and services from the initial design to the final implementation. We design and manufacture a variety of indoor and outdoor advertising vehicles, such as two- and three-dimensional letters, lighted signs, light-boxes, sales displays, PVC products, banners, posters, company logos, symbols, labels, and interior decorations made from regular plastics or innovative UV fluorescent plastic materials. Our products are sold in 11 countries, including Germany, England, Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Russia.

In the US, we offer primarily our high quality convex and EZ-Open® light-boxes and exclusive UV fluorescent plastic signs. We are enjoying a rapid growth providing our clients with the cost-effective and highest quality products and services for all their advertising needs.

Our valued clients include well-known brand names such as Smirnoff, Ballantines, Sauza, Beefeater, Koff, Samsung, Silja Line, Calvin Klein, and numerous other companies.

We are dedicated to our customers’ satisfaction through open communication, high quality products, and on-time delivery. The best advertisers to us are our products and our happy clients.

Words that best describe our products:
Simple and easy to use, good looking design, high-quality product, energy efficient, no maintenance costs, reliable, long-lasting, and reasonably priced.

All our products are also certified by European standards, including EUR-1 and ISO 9001 certificates, allowing you to order light-boxes and signs for your European and Russian markets directly from us as well. We have a good experience of doing business with Russian companies and selling our products in Russia. For the success one needs to understand the Russian way of marketing as well as some of their native specialties. We help your company to expand in Europe and in Russia as well as in America by advertising your product and your company logo in a very efficient way. Take advantage of the expertise of EuroArt Signs, LLC when planning your next advertising campaign.

Maximize your advertising investments with a display from EuroArt Signs, LLC.

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