Tripole Components Installation Artwork Package  Specification Photos 




1. Are Giantpole and Tripole clearly seen from a distance?
     Usually the existing banner stands offer a clear view only from a close distance. However,

     both the 17' (5.4m) and 13' (4m) Giantpole and Tripole can be seen from a far distance and

     provide a clear view at a glance, even from moving vehicles. In windy conditions our products

     outperform any other outdoor POP.   


2.  How durable are Giantpole and Tripole in windy conditions?
     Giantpole and Tripole are designed to stand up against 30MPH (14m/s) winds
     with 18.5 gallon (70 Liters) or with 12 gallon (45 liters) base tanks.

     They have been tested and proved by the Quality & Performance Test Lab in Japan (9/10/2001).


3.  Where can Giantpole and Tripole be used?
     Giantpole and Tripole can be used at  various event promotions and product advertising. They

     capture lots of attention at outdoor events, playgrounds, local events, exhibition halls, shopping

     malls, gas stations, department stores, and basically at any place where outdoor advertising is

     needed. Giantpole and Tripole are excellent substitutions to outdoor billboards.


4.  Is it easy to install Giantpole and Tripole?
     They are designed for quick installation, and can be dismantled in minutes. For more detailed

     information see the Tripole installation instructions.


5.  How durable are Giantpole and Tripole?
     Giantpole and Tripole are made of anodized aluminum pipes that are lightweight and anti-

     corrosive. They have been tested and are very durable in rough weather for long periods.


6. Where can we buy Giantpole and Tripole?
      We support our resellers and we offer quantity discounts. Please call 561-744-0431 or send an

      e-mail at to be our reseller or purchase your own Giantpole and Tripole.

      We accept all major Credit Cards.


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