Giantpole Installation Artwork Package  Specification Photos  FAQ



1. Base Tank - Light weight base tank is made from durable plastic material. (Capacity 18.5 Gallons; width 25.5')

2. Pole - Anodized aluminum (four step system).

3. Supporter - Umbrella-rib type supporters are connected to base tank and firmly hold the pole.

4. Arm - Arm is connected to the top of pole and holds the top of banner.

5. Rings- Four rings are attached to the pole to provide natural rotation of banner fabric by wind. Three rings are attached to the arm to hold the top of the banner.

6. Bracket - Bracket surrounds the pole and connects with supporters.

7. Release Button - Ball-type buttons make easy releasing and folding.

8. Stopper - Prevents banner rolling in wind. Slide it always above the lowest ring after installation.

9. Banner - Can be in different size and fabric. Light weight is recommended. Best fabric is flag material. Recommended size 3.5' x 11' (not included).

10. Fixing Bolt- Prevents the arm from being separated from the pole.

11. Snap Ring - Locks the supporters at the corners of the base tank.

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