Technical Description of a Convex Light Box

The two-sided bended convex light signs are intended for indoor and outdoor advertising. They come in two different sizes: either 37 wide and 20 high, or 37 wide and 38 high. Custom sizes are available in quantities of 100+.

The main frame of the two-sided convex light box is made of 0.8 0.8 square metal tube and is powder coated (usually white but can be any color). All corners of the light sign are welded for maximum strength. The top and bottom of the box are made of vacuum formed weatherproof white polycarbonate. The front panel of the box is made of 0.080" thick opal Plexiglas with 35% transparency. Artwork used in these boxes must be 0.5 smaller on each side than the dimensions of the box.

Thanks to the convex front panel design, our light boxes have sufficient depth to achieve superior light diffusion and not show any 'hot spots'.

Our products feature special lamp holders and sockets, which allow them to perform well under extreme conditions such as constant vibration on ferries and trains.

We use only Philips, General Electric or Sylvania electrical equipment (ballasts, starters, fluorescent light tubs). Depending on a model, two fluorescent lamps T8 or T12 are used, providing either true color (5000K) or cool white (4100 K) light. All electrical components are UL certified. Light signs are equipped with a 5 foot electrical cord.

Light signs are typically wall mounted or ceiling hung.

Table 1.  Two-sided convex light boxes

Part # Light box dimensions
Width Height Depth
Artwork size
Width Height 
Shipping weight
Light tube K
CONLB 3720 37.0 20.0 8.7 36 19 25.0 2 18W/T8 4100/5000
CONLB 3738 37.0 38.0 8.7 36 37 40.0 2 30W/T8 or
2 30W/T12

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