EZ-Open® Aluminum Light-Box with a Snap Profile

Our light-boxes are special because of their easy-open snap profile, aluminum frame and convex-shaped front panel. These features allow you to reuse the units for different advertising campaigns for years to come. They enable you to alter your promotional message at no additional cost, thus providing a unique way of maximizing the return on your company’s advertising dollar.

Our EZ-Open® light-boxes are available in one-sided and two-sided models.

The easy-open snap profile allows for an effortless change of advertising message in a few seconds – just snap open two spring-loaded sides of the light-box, remove the protective cover sheet, and replace the graphics. You will keep profiting from your one-time investment in the display unit, which grants you a reusable and effective advertising medium even with a limited marketing budget.

Our EZ-Open® light-boxes feature a convex front panel design, which displays your message more effectively than a flat panel design. The convex design secures the poster tightly against the underlying Plexiglas: your poster will not curl up or collect dust, and therefore results in an improved performance of your light-box and increased poster lifetime. The convex design also increases the efficiency of your light-box by widening the viewing angle and offering better visibility.

Our EZ-Open® light-boxes are built on all-aluminum frames, which maintain their shape and do not rust, creating an overall high-quality look for the years. The powder-coated aluminum makes the units resistant to cold, heat, and humidity.

All our signs are produced in-house, paying careful attention to detail. To ensure  high quality of the end units, only UL-certified components are used in production, providing for maximum light-box safety and durability.

All our EZ-Open® light-boxes are UL-listed and carry a full 5-year structural warranty. Operating and maintaining your sign is easy and requires no special skills or resources.

You can make us a one-stop shop for your worldwide light box needs: all EuroArt light boxes are also produced for the European and Russian markets. All our  signs meet the European standards EN 60 598-2-1. All electrical equipment used overseas comes from Vossloh-Schwabe GmbH, meet the DIN EN ISO 9001 standards and has the required ENEC certifications (VDE and CE). Our light-boxes also have EUR-1 certificate, allowing them to be sold in all European countries without additional taxes. The same delivery times and prices apply to your orders in Europe.

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