Indoor UV fluorescent plastic light signs

Our UV fluorescent displays provide a great alternative to the traditional neon signs. Although very similar in appearance to regular neon tube designs, they are much more energy efficient, break resistant and gentler on your eyes.

Unlike neon tubes, the fluorescent plastic is produced in flat sheets as well as tubes, adding to the richness of presentation of your advertising message.

Our company has produced UV fluorescent plastic advertising displays for the European market since 1995. These products are the best for indoor advertising and are most commonly used as a point-of-purchase material in pubs, restaurants, dance clubs, fast food chains, and stores. You can lighten up your basement or garage by hanging an UV fluorescent beer bottle on the wall. Or give the lighted UV beer bottle as a birthday present to your friend. These bottle-shaped UV displays have been our best trade articles in Europe. We have made over 20 different shapes of bottles for about 60 different brand names.

You can order a blank UV florescent bottle and install your own favorite label on the bottle, whether it be water, soft drinks or alcohol. We can design and print labels for you in amounts of 100 and up. For orders 100 and up, bottles also come customized in different shapes and using different materials.

All electrical components of the UV fluorescent signs are UL certified.

All light signs are wall-mounted or ceiling hung.

Products are single sided (UVB 725).

You can make us a one-stop shop for your worldwide light box needs: all EuroArt light boxes are also produced for the European and Russian markets. All our signs meet the European standards EN 60 598-2-1. All electrical equipment used overseas comes from Vossloh-Schwabe GmbH, meets the DIN EN ISO 9001 standards and has the required ENEC certifications (VDE and CE). Our light-boxes also have EUR-1 certificate, allowing them to be sold in all European countries without additional taxes. The same delivery times and prices apply to your orders in Europe.

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