Technical Description of a UV-fluorescent Bottle-shaped Sign

The size of the bottle-shaped light sign is 7 24.5 2.5 (width height depth).

To achieve maximum rigidity, the supporting frame of the bottle is made of powder coated aluminum.

The bottle itself is made of UV active fluorescent plastic rod and is attached to the aluminum frame along with the UV light tube. The diameter of the plastic rod is 0.4 and it comes in a variety of colors.

The standard product is orange-red, but can also be ordered in blue, yellow, green, or pink for additional price of  $10.

Bases for labels are made of white UV active fluorescent plastic. You can print and install your own favorite label on the bottle or you can order labels from us. Labels can be printed on a transparent film or on any lightweight paper.  The larger label is approximately 7 inches wide and 8.5 inches high, the smaller top label is approximately 2 inches wide and 2 inches high. Both label bases are convex shaped to give a maximum three-dimensional visual feeling of a bottle. Label bases are attached to the light tube using special holders and are easily changeable.

We use only Philips, GE or Sylvania electrical equipment and light tubes. Fluorescent light tubes are F18/T8 with the safe specter 08. All components have UL certificates. Electrical components are hidden in a plastic box that is attached to the back of the aluminum frame.

All light signs are equipped with a 5 foot electrical cord and a plug.

All light signs have the option of being  wall-mounted or ceiling hung.

Table 1. UV-fluorescent Bottle-shaped Signs

Part # UV sign dimensions
W H D (inches)
Shipping weight
Light tube
UVB 725 7 24.5 2.5 6.0 1 18W/08/T8

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